We’ve Got Fishing!!!

July 7, 2011

Check out this video of some great fishing at Lake Almanor, located just 20 minutes from Indian Valley! 

Plumas County has always been a destination for fisherman of all types. With many lakes to choose from including Lake Almanor, Butt Lake, Antelope Lake, Round Valley Lake, Bucks Lake and more, numerous rivers and streams, you are bound to find exactly what you’re looking for up here! Trout, Bass, Catfish, and Crawdads are just some of the local catch we have to offer. For more information about fishing or recreation in Plumas County please check out the Plumas County Visitor’s Bureau Website or the Local Fishing Report!

Also check out the Sierra Fisherman Magazine for tips, stories, and more on fishing in Northern California!


One Response to “We’ve Got Fishing!!!”

  1. Tom on July 7th, 2011 6:33 pm

    Wow, like this much better! Thanks

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